Before: Conveyor belt with clouds of dust

After: a dust-free conveyor belt with dust suppression

Those in the steel industry know that competing in a global market requires reliable, steady production. To achieve that excellence, your plant must supply superior products and services without delays or complications.

Manufacturing steel places high demands on your conveyor systems. With maximum flow and minimal spillage and dust, belts must move iron ore, coal/coke, hot sinter, and limestone/dolomite. Just one snag can halt operations and create safety hazards. Dust from open piles, vehicle traffic, and open terrain can cause problems as well.

At the same time, you need to satisfy stricter environmental standards for dust from loading/unloading, storage yards, and vehicular traffic.

Benetech, Inc.: Optimal Dust and Spillage Reduction at Steel Plants

Specialized support is key to your continued success in steel production. Benetech, Inc. provides the engineered chute transfer system conveyor belt products and solutions that keep the steel industry producing at full capacity.

As a steel professional, you’re always on alert for spillage and fugitive dust, which wear down your conveyor belts. In addition, worn-out belt components such as cleaners, idlers, trackers, and plows further threaten operations and prevent the belt from achieving its design capabilities.

Benetech’s conveyor upgrades for material handling dust control ensure greater output, less maintenance, and a safer, cleaner operation. Just recently, a South American steel plant was fighting daily battles with spillage and dust in two mill areas. The problem affected both the working environment and material handling operations. In addition, the plant’s conveyor system was hard to maintain, leading to rising labor costs.

After analyzing the conveyor system, Benetech designed, supplied, and installed the MaxZone® modular skirtboard system and new advanced transfer chutes for the two mill areas. The loading chutes now decrease dust and spillage by guiding material flow in the direction of belt travel. The upgrades have resulted in greater plant safety and operating efficiency and reduced housekeeping expenses and effort.

What Is Your Steelmaking Dust Control Challenge?

While most steel plants will face common barriers concerning dust control, each will also have distinct variables underlying the problem.

Whatever your steelmaking dust control challenge might be, Benetech’s specialists can assess your system and pinpoint the areas that will return you to full capacity in a safer, less costly environment. Whether helping you improve steelmaking dust suppression, increasing belt and wearliner life, preventing mistracking, or decreasing carryback, we are your dedicated partners from engineering to procurement to construction. We also support your plant’s personnel in mastering new technologies and proper system maintenance.

If you’re contending with dust-related issues at your plant, let’s talk more about the solutions and upgrades that can quickly and efficiently solve them. Then, contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist about our dust suppression and conveyor belt products for the steel industry.

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