Efficient, consistent bulk material systems carry and deliver raw material from one point to the next as planned with few interruptions. As you’re aware, the load zone can be a problem area standing in the way of that operational goal.

At the same time, you may not always have the budget or the time for a full replacement of the transfer chute that feeds the load zone. This is when Benetech’s MaxZone® modular skirtboard and conveyor belt load zone support system for bulk materials can become an answer to your transfer-point issues.

The MaxZone system lets you replace components without special permits or extended shutdowns, as well as retrofit the system to an existing one. Installation also is simple and affordable, and in most cases, no welding is required.

The system helps you achieve your main load-zone goals such as less dust and spillage; extended performance; less-frequent maintenance; longer equipment life; greater safety; and lower risk. 

Addressing Key Load Zone Factors

Meeting the daily demands of material loading and throughput calls for wear liners that protect the sealing system and chute work. You have to be able to install, inspect, adjust or replace the liner as needed.

This becomes difficult if a confined entry permit interferes with access to the liner. The MaxZone XN Wear Liner is in the standard position inside the skirtboard, but you can adjust it from the outside without having to climb in. For replacements, adjustments and maintenance, you just loosen the liner bolts, turn the cams for the height and then re-tighten the bolts. 

The MaxZone system’s conveyor belt support further includes powerful impact beds to protect the belt from falling material as well as significantly reduce spillage and dust. 

Keeping the belt tracked and centered likewise is crucial. Adding tracking idlers to the system will prevent belt misalignment without special modifications to the structure. 

As the following project shows, the right components and containment design can make an instant major impact in the load zone.

Case in Point: Bark and Wood Chip Conveyor Load Zone Upgrades

Situation: A Southeast biomass plant was contending with severe spillage and dusting issues. Its two primary bark and two primary wood chip conveyors were located side by side with pant leg chutes loading material from the truck dump onto one belt and residual material onto the other.

The systems for the four chutes were not tied together, causing spillage and dusting between them. The skirtboards also were uneven and did not have internal wear liners. Production, maintenance, and safety and compliance were becoming greater concerns. 

Solution: Benetech partnered with the plant to assess its challenges with the bark and wood chip conveyors. Together we developed a solution that improved material flow, simplified maintenance, and greatly reduced dust and spillage at the transfer points. 

We began by demolishing the existing belt conveyors for the bulk materials. We then engineered and installed a customized MaxZone system including:

  • XN rubber wear liner for sealing the chutes and extending their life and production  
  • Dual-seal B+ apron skirtboard rubber seals with a polyurethane insert for creating a long-lasting seal with a primary and a secondary layer
  • Quick-release clamp-sealing system for the sides of the load zone for easy maintenance, dust and spillage containment, and reduced clean-up 
  • Peaked hood stilling chambers with a sloped design for slowing and containment of airborne material as well as for passive dust control
  • Simple slide idlers – roller frames that slide into place without removal of adjacent idlers – for enhanced belt support, simple installation and basic maintenance
  • Dust-tight all-access inspection doors for easy inspection of the internal skirtboard

Just as important, we completed all installation within the vital one-week timeline.

Customer Result: The upgrades had an immediate and lasting effect on operations. With Benetech’s load zone containment design and components, the plant greatly decreased spillage and dust at the transfer points; lengthened belt life; reduced housekeeping and maintenance; and increased workplace safety.

The MaxZone All-in-One Bundle

Benetech now offers the MaxZone system as a complete kit. Rather than have each component priced separately, the bundle bases its cost on a single part number determined by the width of the belt conveyors for the bulk materials.

Each kit includes:

  • Quick-Release Clamps
  • XN Wear Liners
  • Skirtboard Panels
  • Sidewalls
  • B+ Seal
  • Supports
  • 24″ Tailbox
  • Tailbox Access Door
  • Peaked Hoods
  • Inspection Door
  • Dust Curtains

The kit makes the MaxZone solution both more economical and easier to order in solving your challenges above the conveyor. 

Lead the Way Starting Today

With the right system design for your specific application in your particular load zone, you can be more productive and better protect company resources. You always have support from industry engineers who understand your daily goals. If you have a current challenge or would simply benefit from an inspection, contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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