Production is key at bulk material handling operations, but a consistent problem may be occurring all the while: transfer point dust.

Without proper transfer point dust control, what seems like steady production can soon become short lived. Unchecked transfer point dust will increasingly jeopardize safety, equipment maintenance, compliance and profitability.

Knowing how and where to control dust at the transfer point ensures that you:

  • Retain more bulk material
  • Reduce risk of fire and explosions
  • Decrease inhalable and respirable dust hazards
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance
  • Fulfill environmental responsibility
  • Lessen maintenance work and costs

As a bulk material handler, you don’t want to address transfer point dust problems with partial or temporary answers – you want to master them all. Conquering dust calls for an integrated approach that applies specific technologies to each distinctive dust challenge.

Total Control of Transfer Point Dust: Suppression

Dust suppression at strategic conveyor locations ensures that dust is controlled throughout the process. When Benetech refers to dust suppression, we mean a precisely engineered, properly applied chemical solution–injection system that reduces and even eliminates dust, including from materials that are resistant to water.

Benetech dust suppression systems lower the water’s surface tension to a value closer to that of the material being treated, which lets the water droplets capture more dust particles. The water-based solution forms a microscopic liquid film to increase the bond of dust particles to the material’s surface, which further prevents their escape.

As specialists in dust suppression, Benetech offers bulk material handlers a range of dust suppression solutions including wetting sprays, foams and emulsions. You can adjust and apply our products to reduce dust from almost any bulk material type.

Total Control of Transfer Point Dust: Containment

Benetech’s engineers understand each one of your immediate problems with dust at the conveyor. Combining our knowledge with precise innovation, the MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard and Belt Support System address the vital facets of dust containment.

  • MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wearliner seals your system and extends your chute work’s life and production. All maintenance also can be achieved from the load zone exterior – no confined-space access required.
  • Sealing System with no-hassle clamps and seals on the sides of the load zone contain dust and eliminate spillage.
  • Warrior Impact Bed with a stiff, rigid frame and soft rubber bars cushions and absorbs impact on the conveyor belt during loading.
  • Warrior Roll & Guide Support Bed with low-friction slider bars on the wing section and rollers in the center create a seamless seal against load zone spillage and dust.
  • Simple Slide Idler allows roller frames to slide into place close together for greater belt support without the need to remove adjacent idlers or adjust the belt.
  • Primary and Secondary Belt Cleaners conclusively resolve carryback issues.
  • Unique Peaked Hood Design supports greater containment of escaped material and less settling of dust on flat surfaces.
  • Tailseal with skirting and strip rubber creates a tight seal at the rear of the chute work.

MaxZone components also are simple and affordable to install, and they require no welding.

Total Control of Transfer Point Dust: Conveyor Chute

If your operation is challenged with dust caused by improper or off-center transfer point loading, you might not have the time and budget for a fully engineered replacement chute.

An entirely new concept and innovative design, Benetech’s patent-pending MaxZone Plus System acts as a modified transfer chute that keeps material flowing while reducing spillage and dust through proper center loading.

The system includes external adjustable side kicker plates as well as an adjustable deflector for smoother center loading of material onto the loading belt. Removable side panels further allow height adjustment according to your conveyor transfer point requirements.

You can also adapt the MaxZone Plus System to existing Benetech XN Wear Liners and retrofit it to other containment systems. You have access to different liner options as well.

Command Your Conveyor Transfer Point Starting Today

Where dust is causing you problems, Benetech is already prepared to help you solve them. We are your dedicated allies in bulk material handling with less risk, greater safety, and greater profits and customer service. Find out more about how you can prevent transfer point dust – contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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