Benetech MaxZone® XN Wear Liner

Outside Control of Better Inside Performance

As a bulk material handling professional, you’re familiar with the challenges wear liners can pose. For optimal function, the conveyor liner should be inside the skirtboard and wear liner system; this protects the sealing system and chute work from the attrition of material loading and throughput. However, getting into the skirtboard system can require confined entry to install, inspect, adjust or replace the wear liner, which is typically challenging.

Attempts at solutions along the way have included placing the wear liner outside of the skirtboard. This, however, often only invites additional setbacks such as exposed chute walls and lodging of material between the chute wall and the liner.

Benetech understands what you were up against. In response, we engineered a safer, more efficient solution for a conveyor liner that better protects your system while allowing for easy access.

Our MaxZone XN Wear Liner is placed in the conventional position inside the skirtboard, but you can adjust it from the outside – no more need to climb in. In addition, wear liner replacements, adjustments, and maintenance are now quick and straightforward. First, loosen the liner bolts, turn the cams to meet the desired height and then re-tighten the bolts.

The impact on performance is immediate. The XN Wear Liner reduces premature wear and erosion of skirt rubber while better sealing your system increases usable steel or chrome life and eliminates the need to cut or weld the liner.

Benetech also planned to ensure your conveyor liner solution is versatile. For example, frictional and abrasive properties vary among bulk materials, so we offer different liner types to suit the kind of material you are handling.

Our XN Wear Liners are available in straight or deflector style with a standard thickness of one-half inch. Custom lengths and thicknesses also are available, as a plate with factory-welded mounting studs for ease of installation. XN Wear Liner material options include AR 400, ceramic, UHMW, chromium carbide, and stainless steel.

If your conveyor liner requires extra maintenance or interrupting production, we’re ready to help you solve your issue today. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 to further discuss the XN Wear Liner with a Benetech specialist.

Posted in Material Handling, and Transfer Systems