Drop & Slide Return Idlers

Available in multiple segments of 1, 2, or 3 rollers for easier transportation.

Benetech’s Drop & Slide Return Idlers are designed for safe installation and removal of rollers from one side of the belt, when access is restricted. The construction and design of the frame assembly allows easy replacement – even in confined spaces – providing the advantage of only one person changing the return roller safely.

Multiple segments in two or three sections provide easier handling for one person – lightening the load to one-half or one-third the weight.


  • Available in multiple segments for easier transportation and removal – Choose one, two, or three section models
  • Standard or wide base frames
  • Comes in any belt width
  • For purchase as frame alone, or with rollers
  • Can be customized to fit any idler manufacturers’ rollers


  • Can be serviced by one person from one side of the belt
  • Frame design allows quick and easy roller removal or maintenance in confined areas
  • Rollers support the belt to prevent stretching, sagging, and failure
  • Slide-out feature provides faster installation and roller changes


Drop & Slide Return Idler Literature

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