Conveyor Belt Tracking: Keeping Material Loads in Line

Bulk material handlers want to achieve optimal production with efficient maintenance and minimal downtime. When conveyor belts become misaligned, they can cost the plant lost labor, time, material, and compromised safety. If left unattended, they can also lead to equipment damage, such as shredding of the belt.

As your partner in efficient bulk material handling, Benetech listens to your challenges and develops the solutions you need for a high-performing operation. Together we can both cure and prevent problems with conveyor belt alignment.

Benetech Conveyor Belt Tracking

Current standard frame and guide rollers for belt tracking systems are not responsive and intuitive with the loads they convey. As a result, the variances in conveyance cause more frequent mistracking, which, in turn, creates extra wear on the belt. In addition to addressing mistracking problems, operators have to contend with more belt replacements.

Benetech’s customizable conveyor belt trackers ensure your belts remain on track without the need to make any structural modifications. Instead, you slide the idlers in. Once in place, they respond instantly to any misalignment they detect. This rapid reaction keeps production moving longer while extending the belt life.

The ‘brains’ of the conveyor belt tracking system are housed in the roller. This means they cannot wear, and the trackers’ function will not fade over time.

Here’s a quick closer look at the belt tracking system components that contribute to greater uptime, cost savings, and retention of material:

Benetech Training Idler

Made of special hardened steel and other resistant alloys, Benetech’s conveyor idler is a belt-centralizing return pulley with an internal pivot module that keeps the shaft rotating with the belt direction.

Each Benetech Training Idler order also includes Benetech’s Pressure Control Brackets. The brackets prevent overloading of the shaft; maintain the right pressure between the idler and the belt; suit the idler size and series with individual grading; and make adjusting pressure easy with a bolt from below.

Benetech Troughing Training Idler

With instant intuition, the Benetech Troughing Training Idler provides automatic incremental corrections to even the smallest misalignment on the load-carrying side of the belt. Then, it gently guides the belt back to the center of the frame to keep the conveyor straight.

Different from conventional sidearm roller frames, which can often cause more belt damage, the frame of the Benetech Troughing Training Idler steers conveyed material with a distinctive pivot and tilt mechanism. It also accommodates any inclination angle required.

Reversible Troughing Idler

Reversible conveyors pose particular challenges with belt misalignment. Unlike unidirectional belts with adjusting pulleys and frames for straightening, reversible belts are difficult to correct. Any adjustments for the forward direction become the problem areas when the conveyor belt is reversed.

The Reversible Idler solves this by pivoting the shaft in the belt’s direction of travel, which you can see through a unique bracket and inspection cover. You can also adjust the roller to ensure the correct contact pressure with the belt.

Stay on Track Starting Now

Quick, easy installation and simple adjustments; less spillage, cleanup, and downtime; reduced costs and maintenance: Benetech offers your business a better way. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to discuss how our conveyor belt tracking system can support your operational goals.

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