Benetech Conveyor Skirtboard Systems: Easy Maintenance, Replacement and Adjustability for More-Productive Material Handling

Maintaining steady, profitable production is vital to your business. There may be times when a system component is flawed, aging or failing but budget and time constraints don’t allow a full system replacement.

This is when Benetech’s MaxZone® conveyor skirtboard system becomes a great asset to you. Its modular design lets you change out components for all applications without special permits or lengthy shutdowns. Simple and affordable to install, the Benetech conveyor skirting system also requires no welding.

Our conveyor skirtboard system further applies leading dust- and spillage-control technologies as standard features to help keep your operation clean, safe and productive. The system is available in standard sizes and lengths based on the width and speed of your conveyor belt.

The MaxZone conveyor skirting system includes:

  • MaxZone XN
    An externally adjusted internal wearliner that seals your system and extends the life and production of your chute work
    Benefits: minimized downtime; no need for confined space entry
  • Warrior Impact Bed
    A rigid frame with soft rubber bars for conveyor-belt support and stability during loading
    Benefits: belt cushioning for impact absorption; greater protection against belt damage
  • Sealing System
    Easy-to-install clamps and seals for the sides of the load zone
    Benefits: simple maintenance; dust containment; no spillage; reduced clean-up
  • Simple Slide Idler
    Roller frames that slide into place without the need to remove adjacent idlers
    Benefits: better belt support; simple installation and maintenance; improved safety
  • Easy-Change Dust Curtain
    Dust curtain that interrupts airflow and allows dust to settle on the conveyor belt
    Benefits: reduced fugitive dust; improved housekeeping
  • Unique Peaked Hood Design
    A sloped design for less settling of dust
    Benefits: containment of escaped material; superior passive dust control
  • All-Access Inspection Doors
    Convenient entry to key areas of your conveyor belt skirting system
    Benefit: simplified service and maintenance
  • Tailseal
    A box with skirting and strip rubber that create a tight seal at the rear of the chute work
    Benefits: prevention of material spillage and rollback; reduced maintenance time

The following two examples illustrate how Benetech conveyor belt skirting systems have enhanced production for bulk material–handling companies through diverse components for easy maintenance, replacement and adjustability.

Petroleum Coke Handling–System Upgrades: Discharging to Receiving Conveyors

Situation: Because of advancing age and simple designs, conveyor load zones were creating challenges for a Midwestern lime plant. The existing chutes had not been made to control material flow; consequently, the existing conveyor skirtboard systems were no longer able to contain the petroleum coke.

Issues included increasing maintenance time and housekeeping costs, high dust emissions from transfers, extreme loading and spilling problems, and a greater demand for manpower to clean and maintain the system.

The conveyor skirting system had to be replaced and upgraded if the operation was to remain productive and profitable.

Solution: Benetech designed, supplied and installed a customized MaxZone conveyor skirtboard system and new loading chutes for the plant’s C90 24” belt conveyor load zone area. We then reconfigured the head pulley from C90 to C91 by moving it forward 10”. This allowed us to install a Benetech BES1 secondary belt cleaner to ensure fines were deposited back onto the C91 24” belt conveyor.

We also provided a new loading chute to attach the existing discharge chute from the C90 conveyor. The existing chute was cut off 2.5’ from the bottom to enable installation of a new ¼” stainless steel loading chute. The new chute helped guide the material flow along the direction of belt travel, significantly improving loading and spillage issues.

Customer Result: With the Benetech conveyor skirting system in place, the plant could center-load material on the belt and have it match belt speed and direction. Once much more controlled, the material loaded gently on the belt, eliminating dust and extending liner wear life.

Beyond no longer having to contend with loading or spillage issues, the plant reduced its monthly maintenance time and costs: the definition of a successful conveyor skirting and dust control system.

Hog Fuel-Wood Chip-Handling Upgrades

Situation: A North American pulp mill was confronting major dust, spillage, pluggage and carryback issues with old, worn-out transfer chutes. The chutes had not been built to contain combustible dust, adding to the risk of explosions and fires. They also did not control material flow, which damaged and shortened the lives of belts and other equipment. The system required extra manpower to clean and maintain it as well.

Wanting to become a safer and more efficient operation, the plant looked to Benetech for a resolution.

Solution: Benetech provided the Engineering/Procurement/ Construction (EPC) of the leading chute-technology Advance Transfer System including the MaxZone conveyor skirtboard system to control the material flow and minimize dust. Our conveyor skirting system also included state-of-the-art components for preventing spillage and carryback.

The system featured:

  • an enhanced head-chute design
  • convenient, easy-access inspection doors for chute surfaces and belt cleaners
  • a material-flow diverter to allow for center flow through the chute and into the scalper
  • long-lasting, high-performing belt cleaners
  • the addition of low-impact angels to the chute
  • a patented round InteliFlo® chute design with J-Glide® smooth loading chute
  • a quick-release clamp bar and double-lip seal
  • a patented XN® Wearliner System
  • CEMA-recommended lengths of skirtboard
  • baffles for decreasing dust generation

To ensure sustained, consistent results, Benetech trained plant personnel for proper system maintenance as well.

Customer Result: Benetech’s conveyor skirting and dust control system gave the plant greater control of its bulk material and drastically reduced dust, spillage, pluggage and carryback. The plant also increased the lives of its belts and chutes, reduced maintenance time and expenses, and made its facility much safer.

Strengthen Operations with Greater Economy and Flexibility

Benetech’s conveyor skirtboard system allows you to continue production according to your budget and schedule. Make your operation even more efficient and adaptable with easy system maintenance, replacement and adjustability. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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