All units burn low sulfur, sub-bituminous coal from the Powder River Basin at Minnesota’s four-unit coal-fired power plant. This dusty fuel source, is kept in large stockpiles, ensuring operations continue smoothly in the event of supply disruptions. Any amount of wind that passed over the piles would pick up clouds of dust and take it away from the plant. As complaints from neighbors and environmental groups mounted, coal yard, supervisors wanted to implement a solution that would minimize the dust while also protecting the pile from freezing, oxidation, and washouts.

Existing Problems

  • Pile erosion due to wind and rain
  • Oxidation and pile fires
  • Non-compliance with EPA regulations

Successful Results

Within 48 hours, GreenTarp cured and formed a hard protective shell atop the coal. As a result, minimizing the dust and erosion from rain and snow is all but eliminated. Several months after application and having experienced heavy rainfall, GreenTarp is still holding strong while maintaining its signature color. The plant is very pleased with the results, and they plan to continue using GreenTarp to seal their piles and minimize dust emissions and erosion indefinitely.