Beofre Images of Load Zone #1End of Life #2 Transfer Point

Petroleum Coke Handling System Upgrades – Discharging to Receiving Conveyors


Due to advanced age and simple designs, the conveyor load zones needed to be replaced and upgraded at a lime plant. In addition, the existing chutes were not designed to control material flow, and the current skirtboard systems were no longer able to contain the petroleum coke.

Existing Problems

  • Continuous and increasing maintenance and housekeeping costs
  • High dust emissions from transfers
  • Extreme loading and spillage issues
  • High level of manpower required to maintain/clean system

The Benetech Solution

Benetech provided the Design, Supply & Installation of a MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard System and new
loading chutes for the C90 24” belt conveyor load zone area. Benetech then reconfigured the head pulley
from C90 to C91 by moving it forward approximately 10 inches. A BES1 secondary belt cleaner is allowed to
be installed and ensure fines are now deposited back onto the C91 24” belt conveyor. Benetech also provided
a new loading chute to attach to the existing discharge chute from the C90 conveyor. The existing chute was
cut off 2 ½ feet from the bottom to allow for installing a new ¼” stainless steel loading chute to be
installed. This new chute helps direct the material flow in the direction of belt travel, greatly helping loading and spillage issues.

Successful Results

  • Material is now center loading on the belt, matching belt speed and direction, extending belt life.
  • The material flow is controlled, gently loading on the belt, eliminating dust generation, and extending the wear life of liners.
  • The material is being contained on the belt.
  • No loading or spillage issues have been experienced.

Load Zone #1 Before and After

Benetech Scope

  • C90 24” belt is fed by two vibrating feeders-end of life loading chute was removed
  • End of life skirt board system was removed
  • New loading chutes from feeders were installed
  • 8” MaxZone® Modular Skirtboard System was installed which includes: Covers, Tailbox, MaxZone XN®- Externally Adjusted /Internal Wearliner; B+ Apron Seals; Inspection Door

Project Payback

  • Extended Belt Life
  • Reduced Dust Emissions
  • Extended Liner Wear Life
  • Reduced Spillage
  • Reduced Monthly Maintenance Time and Cost

Transfer Point #2 Before and After