Bulk material handlers are well aware of the complications created by dust. If not controlled properly, it can cause both serious safety hazards and production problems.

Dry dust collection is one of the top causes of combustible dust incidents (up to 40%). The system is also expensive to install and maintain.

Other difficulties of dry dust collection include time-consuming filter-bag replacement; frequent replacement of solenoid valves, rotary valves and foam explosion doors; and binding or plugging of collection bags.

You can nearly eliminate these issues by switching to water-based dust collection.

Benetech Industrial Wet Dust Collector

A Benetech water-based dust collection system is a common-sense alternative to dry dust collection. Safer and smaller, it provides high air-velocity capabilities in one simple, compact unit with easy access inside the plant. Because you can install the collector on the tripper floor and inside transfer buildings instead of on the roof, you also can use standard ductwork without insulation.

Wet dust collection uses energy generated by a bifurcated fan to enclose dust particles in atomized water, a mixing process that requires an aggressive energy transfer in a tiny space. The system includes a motor, a fan impeller, bifurcated housing, a washable knit mesh–screen extraction panel and a louver de-mister panel. The process is as follows:

  • The fan draws air into the inlet.
  • Load zone pickup hoods capture dust particles, which are transported through ductwork to the collector.
  • Water is injected at the inlet of the fan impeller, where it is spun with the incoming air and dust to crash against the fan housing.
  • Water, dust and air pass through the bifurcated housing to the collection panel, which removes water and captured dust to a discharge sump at the bottom.
  • The louvered de-mister panel captures overspray from the collection panel.
  • Filtered air exits the collector’s exhaust end.
  • The water discharged from the sump contains 0.5% or fewer solids.

Distinct design advantages include:

  • Low capital, installation and operating cost
  • 7% dust-removal efficiency
  • High dust-load capacity
  • Guaranteed air volume and multiple air-volume ranges
  • No need for compressed air, belt maintenance and bag changes
  • No need for return-screw conveyors
  • Prevention of bag-house explosions caused by dry dust collection
  • Filtering of high-temperature incoming gases
  • Self-cleaning with a safe water discharge

The Environmental Protection Agency identifies water dust collection as a Best Available Control Technology (BACT). The Benetech industrial wet dust collector also meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards for combustible dust. Beyond giving you much greater control over dust, the system helps you comply with current safety regulations, including OSHA’s NEP on combustible dust.

Benetech wet dust collectors are ideal for bulk material–handling applications such as:

  • coal tripper rooms
  • highwall mining
  • conveyor transfer points
  • CO removal
  • coal transfer stations
  • underground coal mining
  • rail car dumps
  • crusher building dust
  • truck dumps
  • lime dust
  • tunnel ventilation
  • coal preparation plants

Put Powerful Design and Service to Work

You achieve more in bulk material handling with Benetech because we focus exclusively on the support and systems you need. Find out more about how a water dust collection system can impact your operation – contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.

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